“I already knew Bryan and expected comical episodes, but the serious ones were somewhat of a surprise and reminded me of how stressful law enforcement really is, and how little we talk about it.  For those who don’t know him it’s a shame, because I can hear his voice as I read his stories.  Unlike many others would do, he exposes himself emotionally and in doing so, reminds us that we’re all human.”
… Lisa Stokes, Parole/Probation Officer

“As they have stood witness to the terrible things that human beings do to one another, only in the past few years has grief counseling or psychological help been made available to members of the law enforcement community.  It was considered a sign of weakness to show any emotion.  Sadly, many turned inward to the bottle, divorce, extra marital affairs and suicide.  Thankfully there was humor.  This was the escape that the large majority used to deal with the stress of the job.  Thus this book deals with the humor of law enforcement, especially within the North Carolina State Highway Patrol.  The ability to laugh at each other and ourselves provided the outlet needed to go out and do the job year after year.  I commend the author for his hard work on a project that must truly be fulfilling, and this book to your perusal that will bring laughter and a tear to the eye.”
… Fred Patton, “An Old Field Soldier”

“After reading only two stories, I was hooked by Ice Cream & Cake and then reeled in by Heather’s story.  I laughed and then cried….I cried for Heather and the uphill battle she faces.    My co-workers were affected the same way … They were speechless.  The author tells it EXACTLY as it is!    He says out loud what everyone has thought, who has worked in the Criminal Justice System.”
… Jeri Hinson, Department of Corrections

“Every chapter is like opening a closet door … Watch out for falling skeletons!  This book is one of a kind; intriguing, and hilarious insight to adventures and experiences shared only thru the camaraderie of law enforcement.  You will laugh…You will cry (as I am sure some are), at the saga of humor experienced during the career of a North Carolina State Trooper.  To escape the daily stress upon law enforcement officers, one must have a sense of humor and laughter is an outlet.  This book captures our imagination of how much the author not only enjoys life but also his career as a road Trooper.  Bryan must feel great satisfaction from his accomplishments to keep intact a part of history with his stories.  The illustrations add much humor to the stories.  A BIG ‘ATTA BOY’ BRYAN!!!”
… Jackie Walker, Garner,NC

“Well sir, I laughed so hard that my sides hurt.  But maybe I’m a little biased, because I know these are true stories, and I’m involved in some of them.  I’ve always known that Bryan had the mark of greatness in him, and I’ll never forget what he told me during the commission of some of his pranks … “Well, Charles, it’s like this,” he’d say, “you’re either with me, or agin me.”  Bryan’s practical jokes made going to work too much fun to miss, not to mention an adventure.  The stories are hilarious and illustrations by Levi Powell are priceless.”
… Charles E. Moody, “Partner in Crime”

“Not Just for Law Enforcement!  I read this book in one sitting.  It shows the light side and the human side of law enforcement.  It can be enjoyed by anyone especially if you enjoy anecdotal southern humor.”
… Eclectic Reader, The Southern Boonies