Insignificant Job

Those who work in convenience stores have a dangerous job. I considered it even more dangerous than mine, because at least I’d been trained to defend myself and legally carried a gun. These folks are like sitting ducks for all the weirdo’s who come by, especially during the wee hours of the morning. It really wasn’t part of my job description, but I made it a point to stop by these places and periodically check on these people, especially if they were working by themselves.

This particular clerk worked the third shift in a small convenience store. It was off the beaten path and near a large residential section. It just so happens that she was an attractive young blond-headed girl. Now wait just a minute! I didn’t have anything going on with her … I was a happily married man, but I must admit, she sure was easy to look at.

She confided to me that she wanted a better job. She didn’t want to work the late shift and she didn’t like working alone … But she had to do something! That’s all she could find. She had bills to pay. She asked me to please come by and check on her, because she had apprehensions … Sometimes, she was afraid. You could certainly put your money on it … I’d go out of my way to come by and check on her when I was working late.

When I’d drop in, if some jerk was hanging around who she didn’t feel comfortable about, she’d give me a nod, and I’d stick around until he left. Then I’d stay for a few minutes more, until she began to feel comfortable again. Sometimes, if business was slow for me, I’d come by two or three times a night. This went on for three or four months. She appreciated it, and I enjoyed seeing her too. Seeing her sure was refreshing, and she gave my eyes plenty of exercise.

I’d been off for two days and when I came back to work, I stopped by to see her again … But the store was closed! There was yellow “Crime Scene” tape everywhere! Later that night, I got up with a local police officer and here’s what I found out.

During my days off, she’d been dragged off into the woods behind the store and then raped and murdered. I felt so devastated! If only I’d been working, maybe I could’ve prevented it … Maybe I would’ve been there.

Although her job was a small one, her life was precious too.         She was a Human Being, just like me and you.