I know better but because I feel more comfortable in doing so, in this book I capitalize common nouns a lot. Here’s why… I took a lot of pride in my career as a State Trooper (You see, I just did it. Now what’s wrong with that?) As I continued to write, I found myself capitalizing other job titles, like “Waitress” or “Garbage Collector,” because the way I feel about it, anyone who works for a living should also be proud. Then came “Patrol Car.” Well, I feel the same way about that. For me, it was a major part of my life and although I know it’s not human, I sometimes felt it was alive. I’d even sometimes catch myself talking to it, encouraging it to go faster, or stop, or hang onto a curve. Maybe it listened, I don’t know … But it sure took me for one helluva ride! So have no concern for the nouns that I’ve capitalized. It’s for the ones that I haven’t, that you need to watch out.

Don’t be surprised. Levi has not enhanced all of these stories. But then again, I didn’t include all of the tales that I would like to have. In all fairness to him, you and the publisher, as I requested, he drew his cartoons in color. But except for the Kindle edition, they were reduced to black and white in this book to make it more affordable.

There comes a point when the best thing to do is just stop. So that’s what I did. But if you’ll just take the time to read it, I think you’ll agree … It’s a far cry from a flop. And something else…

This book may be easier to digest if you just read a story or two and then just sit back and think for awhile. There’s a lot of emotion in here! Seldom will my stories flow together and sometimes they change drastically from one story to the next, so it may be more than you can handle in just one sitting. But that was the nature of my job … Constant changes happened like that. Even my work schedule changed a lot … It changed from morning shift to late shift every damn week. And it was years after retirement before I my body became accustomed to normal and healthy sleep patterns again.   If my Career and my Working Schedule were both people, and together they went to see a Head Doctor, they’d both be labeled as manic depressive and placed on extremely high dosages of lithium, and receive frequent shock treatments. I loved the first one anyway, but always hated the second.